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Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester 1 K13

Latihan Soal Penilaian Akhir Semester Satu (PAS) Kelas X Kurikulum 2013 beserta jawabannya, berisikan materi bahasan mulai dari soal b.Inggris tentang pronouns, expressions of giving compliment, expression of congrulation sampai soal tentang simple past tense, present perfect tense dan recount texts...

Ada Sekitar 35 soal (30 PG + 5 essay) yang bisa siswa SMA/SMK/MA/MAK/Sederajat pelajari sebagai bahan referensi menghadapi PAS atau Ujian Akhir Semester (UAS), seperti berikut ini:

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, d, or e!

Dear Sally,
Last holiday, my friends and I visited Ponorogo in East Java. Ponorogo is a small city, but it is very natural and beautiful. We spent the night at a villa in Jetis. On the first day, we visited Prigi southern beach. We watched the amazing views of the sea and the white waves. We grilled fish and had “Nasi Pecel” for lunch. On the second day, we visited “Dongko” mountain resort. There were a lot of plants, especially clove trees. We camped there for a night. I love Ponorogo because the people are very friendly and the prices are cheap.
I’II bring some pictures for you.

1. What kind of text is it?
a. Narrative
b. Procedure
c. Recount
d. Descriptive
e. Explanation
Answer: d
Pembahasan: mendeskripsikan kata Ponorogo

2. The following sentences are the reasons why the writer loves Ponorogo, Except ….
a. the views of the sea are amazing
b. the people are friendly
c. the prices are cheap
d. Ponorogo has beautiful views
e. the villa is comfortable
Answer: e
Pembahasan: tidak tercantum dalam teks

3. What does the text mainly tell us?
a. The beautiful place
b. The trip to Ponorogo
c. Dongko mountain resort
d. The prigi beach
e. A villa in Jetis
Answer: b
Pembahasan: teks menceritakan tentang perjalanan ke Ponorogo

4. “… the prices are cheap there.”
What is the antonym of the italicized word?
a. Expensive
b. Reasonable
c. Clear
d. Fixed
e. Comfortable
Answer: a
Pembahasan: Cheap>
5. “… but it is very natural and beautiful.”
The synonym of  the italicized word is ….
a. extraordinary
b. pure
c. pretty
d. amazing
e. soft
Answer: b
Pembahasan: Natural = Pure

This text is for question no. 6-10

Cocoa Beach Florida is known as the perfect beach town. It is an hour drive to east of Orlando on Florida’s amazing Space Coast. The drive here is almost as beautiful as the beach.
Cocoa Beach is one of the most affordable beach vacations in Florida. There are a lot of things to see around Cocoa Beach. Space Coast offers you the chance to go deep sea fishing or parasailing, river tour and getting up close with the awesome wildlife of Florida.
While at Cocoa Beach, tourist can also visit the Kennedy Space Center, the Brevard Zoo, or spend some time shopping. They are within short driving distance to all of the Orlando attractions, and drive back to Cocoa Beach at nightto enjoy dinner in one of the many dining spots on the beach.
When night sets in, tourist can travel back and enjoy the nightlife on the beach that ranges from cool jazz clubs to beach side cafes. There are some facilities to stay with perfect accommodations and wake up to a breathtaking sunrise on the beach.
With plenty of offers, tourist or businessmen who like beach vacation, Cocoa Beach is the best place to consider. They will find exactly what they have been looking for.
6. What is the text about?
a. Cocoa Bleach
b. Cocoa Beach
c. Caneel Bay
d. Long Beach
e. California
Answer: b
 Pembahasan: teks tersebut mendeskripsikan Cocoa Beach Florida

7. where is it located?
a. Texas
b. Florida
c. Nabraska
d. New Mexico
e. Carribean
Answer: b
Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks paragraf pertama

8. According to the text, where do you go if you want to go deep sea fishing or parasailing?
a. Space Coast
b. West Coast
c. East Coast
d. Gold Coast
e. Spice Coast
Answer: a
Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks paragraf kedua

9. While at Cocoa Beach, what are other places that the tourist can also visit?
a. Kennedy Space Center
b. The Brevard Zoo
c. Hoosac School
d. Laguna Beach
e. a & b
Answer: e
Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks paragraf ketiga

10. Which country is Cocoa Beach in?
a. UK
b. Uruguay
c. Mexico
d. USA
e. Canada
Answer: d
Pembahasan: Cocoa Beach ada di Orlando, Florida. Florida adalah salah satu negara bagian di Amerika Serikat

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