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Contoh Soal UAS/PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 2 K13 Beserta Jawaban~Part-2

Contoh Soal UAS/PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 2 K13 Beserta Jawaban~Part-2 merupakan lanjutan soal UAS b. Inggris kelas xi semester genap kurikulum 2013 bagian ke-1, dan untuk bagian kedua atau terakhir rangkaian ujian penilaian akhir semester, butir soalnya berbentuk essay, seperti berikut dibawah ini.

B. Fill in the blank!

For number 1-5, fill in the blank with the right passive voice!

1. Potatoes, black beans and chestnuts …. raw. (rarely consume)
Answer: are rarely consumed.

2. Fio …. by one of the waitress now. (serve)
Answer: is being served.

3. The new member enjoys …. into our support group. (receive)
Answer: be received.

4. You…. if you meet the minimum requirements for this job. (contact)
Answer: would be contacted.

5. Nothing …. except his credit card. (steal)
Answer: has been stolen.

For number 6-10, fill in the blank with the right conjunction!

6. I will come home …. I am feeling sick
Answer: because.

7. Rita …. Nina go to the school together
Answer: and.

8. She is a fat person, …. she is a confident woman
Answer: but

9. …. She studied hard, she still gets a bad score
Answer: although.

10. I will follow you …. You go
Answer: wherever.

C. Answer the questions based on the text below!

Jl. Surikanti 10
Denpasar 21010

November 15, 2010
Lucy Mutiara

Dear Lucy,
My parents and I are in Bali now. We are staying in Nusa Dua Beach hotel. Our room is big and cozy. It is newing the beach.
This is my second visit to Bali and Bali still wonderful. There are many things to see and to do here. The beaches and temples are awesome. The ceremonies are also interesting.
So far, we have shopped a lot. I bought some T-shirt and hundreds of wooden accessories. My mam bought a beautiful statue and my father bought a large painting. The painting is not only beautiful but also very expensive.
I will return to Malang next week hope to see you again soon.


1. Who is the writer of the text above?
Answer: Astuti.

2. Where are Astuti and her parents now?
Answer: Bali.

3. How many times have Astuti visited Bali?
Answer: Twice.

4. What was bought by Astuti in Bali?
Answer: T-Shirt and accessories.

5. What does Astuti think about the painting?
Answer: Beautiful and expensive.

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